awake_ash · 22 weeks ago
Glad to have you back, man
scatmandingo · 22 weeks ago
It’s all good on this side. Welcome back.
1_puma · 22 weeks ago
That means a lot. Thanks man.
dr_richard_ew · 22 weeks ago
Hey bro. I didnt really say anything while the ordeal was going down, and I'm very sorry for not doing so, but I'm glad to see you here, and just remember that no one here is gonna pressure you to do anything you dont want to do <3
xvarnah · 22 weeks ago
The good doctor is misleading you, people will absolutely pressure you, but the wonderful thing about all this is: you don't have to listen to any of them.
We all need breaks from everything once in awhile, and we all get heated. I'm glad you've come to terms with everything either way. Welcome back :)
popsy · 22 weeks ago
Get the fuck out of here quiter ! Just kidding. I can't let my new son left out in the cold. Haha. Sorry I was absent during all the turmoil. Glad you are back. The site use to be a lot better . People could argue in the comments on one meme, then joke together on the next one. Welcome home my wayward child. lol
1_puma · 22 weeks ago
You’re all wonderful people. Truly.
dr_richard_ew · 22 weeks ago
That's not what I was implying, but either way I hope you do well :3
interesting · 22 weeks ago
Glad you're sticking around man, we dont always agree with each other but this is a tightknit community and I would hate to see you go.
vitklim · 22 weeks ago
Thank god you decided to stay man. I don't want to lose people like you from this site. We already lost too many, and you are someone I truly respect and want to see around here. :)
hyperion · 22 weeks ago
Welcome back, bud
funkmasterrex · 22 weeks ago
Welcome back doodsman. The past is the past, eye's forward.
nicengelman · 22 weeks ago
This whole thread just has me so boned up
hydrofalcon · 22 weeks ago
Glad to see you stay puma :)
parisqeen · 22 weeks ago
Glad you stayed, now we can get back to some good old memes and goofs
that_creepy_guy · 21 weeks ago
I'm glad your back :D now I can stalk even more comments <3
1_puma · 21 weeks ago