I’m baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!
by firmlee_grasspit · 16 comments 3 days ago
vitklim · 1 week ago
Dude, you've missed a ton of good shit, so glad you're finally back!
savage_demmigod · 1 week ago
Welcome back lad
firmlee_grasspit · 1 week ago
Mate, you being my first reply is a wonderful treat! I’ve got a new attitude, and I’m ready to spread good jollies. What’d I miss?
firmlee_grasspit · 1 week ago
Thank you, savage!
vitklim · 1 week ago
Well, you missed a bit of drama with another friend of mine leaving the site for a bit. Made me a little worried tbh. Plus I was just having a great discussion with @xvarnah in the comments to a post, lemme find a link for that.
Here: https://funsubstance.com/fun/533005/its-gender-neutral-after-all/?last_comment=3178579#comment3178579
firmlee_grasspit · 6 days ago
I had just looked over the drama (figured it was in the chat), and oh, boy; that was really, really something else. Both sides were being whacko for a minute. As for the feminism post? I don’t have anything to add. You both went into depth. I’ll catch the next discussion. So what else have you been up to? I have recently moved to Manchester and got a new job as an online English teacher for kids in Brazil.
vitklim · 6 days ago
Eh, I'm still on a study break, trying to catch up with a couple of assignments I got left. Studying for IT support, so nothing too hard or unusual.
firmlee_grasspit · 6 days ago
Right on.
xvarnah · 6 days ago
As soon as I saw this I was thinking "ooo vitklim is gonna be so stoked!"
Welcome back, firmlee. The grasspit hasn't been the same without you
firmlee_grasspit · 6 days ago
Now, /that/ is the @xvarnah greeting I’ve come to expect!
1_puma · 6 days ago
Whoa, what a nice surprise. Welcome back dude!
xvarnah · 6 days ago
@firmlee_grasspit I could hardly disappoint on your first day back
firmlee_grasspit · 6 days ago
@1_puma Thank you. As well, I’d like to say...what a riot you had caused! You’re an absolute madlad. @Xvarnah you should be careful, you don’t want someone liking you too much.
xvarnah · 5 days ago
@firmlee_grasspit that's how a̶n̶ ̶a̶r̶m̶y̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶r̶a̶l̶l̶s̶ friends are made!
firmlee_grasspit · 5 days ago
aviva · 3 days ago
Welcome back! (I'm so late, sorry) <3