hyperion · 18 weeks ago
Yes, there are many, anime is also filled with perversions and dirty jokes. Lost of action and drama. To narrow down without boring you or giving you too much
-Cowboy Beebop
-Afro Samurai
-one Piece
New stuff
-One Punch Man
-Mob 100
-Attack on Titan
-My hero Academia
-Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
After watching a few shows you should have built your own taste. These are action animes
unklethan · 18 weeks ago
Depends on what you want.
Can you give us an idea of the kinds of non-anime things you already like?
spevtremkviii · 18 weeks ago
Definitely JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Top tier stuff right there.
amylakey4201 · 18 weeks ago
I have never seen any of the anime movies but I have watched Higurashi No Naku Koro Ne, that new one on Netflix Kakegurui, Hellsing Ultimate, Sould Eater, Rosario+Vampire. I like anime comedy a lot.
grimreaper · 18 weeks ago
I like Toradora myself
nicengelman · 18 weeks ago
Evangelion is mandatory
dacas2 · 18 weeks ago
My son and his friends are always watching Naruto. In my days of anime a was more into Dragon Ball Z.
nicengelman · 18 weeks ago
Some people are gonna bitch a bit about the translation but you can watch Evangelion and the redone version of the ending on netflix right now
nobodyimportant · 18 weeks ago
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Berserk (if you don't mind a darker story)
One piece (if you have A LOT of time)
Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
My hero academia
Seven deadly sins
Devil is a part timer
Detective Conan
Fist of the north star
Baki the grappler
anything by ghibli studios
The girl who leapt through time
There are so many more.....
parisqeen · 18 weeks ago
I agree with all these suggestions above. As I'm a slooot for some anime romance/ comedy I'll give you my list and anyone who tells me these are trash, fair enough, some are honestly so bad they're good:
- Gauken Alice
- Fruits Basket (old or new one, I haven't seen the new one so honestly can't say my opnion but I've heard it's good
- Yuri On Ice
-After The Rain
-Kodocha (if you like long old fashioned series, it's also called Kodomo No Omocha)
- Hunter x Hunter (action)
-Snow White with The Red Hair
parisqeen · 18 weeks ago
Another good movie to add to @nobodyimportant's list is YourName
nobodyimportant · 18 weeks ago
Thank you for that! It looks awesome!
Honey and clover is great as well as kids on the Slope and baccano!
Hunterxhunter is beyond amazing
So is toriko and Hitman reborn!
calvinoot · 18 weeks ago
As someone who has a club of friends where we just watch anime movies, I have many suggestions for movies! Ponyo is a hecking trip and I love it, Mary and the Witches Flower is pretty good but Kiki's Delivery Service has that witch movie beat, Spirited Away is the best anime movie of all time. (For Anime's I suggest assassinations classroom as it is one of my personal favs and if you are open to something a bit different land of the lustrous is a slow paced cgi anime that rocks)
creativedragonbaby · 18 weeks ago
One Punch Man is a comedy anime tbh.
Though there is a lot of action too
smitty · 18 weeks ago
I gotta add:
Full Metal Panic
Black Lagoon
... and of course High School of the Dead.

HSotD has fan service cranked to 11, well into parody levels, but the story and action delivers.
amylakey4201 · 18 weeks ago
Thank you to everyone for the suggestions! I am a stay at home mom and I need something to watch lol. That's why I love this sight!