Good news
by releasethekraken · 28 comments 25 weeks ago
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mrscollector · 26 weeks ago
Aww congrats guys
jasonmon · 26 weeks ago
I love this! Thanks for sharing, and congratulations you two :D
mrfahrenheit · 26 weeks ago
Great! Proud of you two!
parisqeen · 26 weeks ago
I just gasped out of happiness. I can not explain how lovely it is to hear that, please let us know down the track when the wedding will be (if that's okay) so we can continue to congratulate you. So excited for you two x
scatmandingo · 26 weeks ago
Does that mean this can now be advertised as a successful dating site?
infosubstance · 26 weeks ago
Coming back from the grave to say congrats!!!!
one_puma · 26 weeks ago
How about that, congratulations to the both of you and your new(ish) life together, may it be filled with peace and happiness.
deleted · 26 weeks ago
popsy · 26 weeks ago
Hope that you two have a wonderful, happiness filled future. Looking forward to the future alien memes if you guys have
releasethekraken · 26 weeks ago
Thanks, everyone! We're very excited, and it means a lot that you are too
@xvarnah, your first comment made me laugh
catfluff · 26 weeks ago
mialinay · 26 weeks ago
Ohhh wow, congrats! Gotta visit you in Scotland (?) one day <3
I'm so happy for you! Maybe upload an engagement/wedding selfie one day? :)
calvinoot · 26 weeks ago
Wooo hoo! Yes! Congrats!!!
metaanalysis · 26 weeks ago
Nice! Congratulations!
creativedragonbaby · 26 weeks ago
You gotta play YMCA at the wedding
creativedragonbaby · 26 weeks ago
Huge congratulations! I wish you a long and healthy relationship! <3
creativedragonbaby · 26 weeks ago
(Wishing a happy one would just be asking for the impossible. Nothings perfect but I know love can pull through)
releasethekraken · 26 weeks ago
Thank you again, guys!
@mialinay, Scotland awaits!
mikriarktos · 25 weeks ago
Such nice people here, thanks bois
funkmasterrex · 25 weeks ago