carbonatedwaffles · 1 year ago
There's nothing I'm actually concerned with from them, just curious if they came with the site or not
timebender25 · 1 year ago
I forgot the Shop account existed and tbh, I don't actually know why it stopped posting.
mrfahrenheit · 1 year ago
pretty sure sop is based on affiliate links or something
hydrofalcon · 1 year ago
Shop wasn’t a bot though was it? Didn’t shop respond to comments sometimes?
interesting · 1 year ago
From what Dave said to me, they're reviewing the shop and how they may bring it back, I think they're more focused on all the quality of life updates people have been requesting.
aviva · 1 year ago
FunSubstance · 1 year ago
I do now ;)
carbonatedwaffles · 1 year ago
Woah, it still glows!
interesting · 1 year ago
I want my name to glow...
calvinoot · 1 year ago
Thought my screen was all fuzzy and blurry for a second there!