yamz · 25 weeks ago
Whipped cream gives me tummy aches :/
nicengelman · 25 weeks ago
I love whipped cream, sexual remarks aside
cakelover · 25 weeks ago
I love whipped cream
It's lovely with cake
under_fire · 25 weeks ago
unpopular opinion indeed
laughwendylaugh · 25 weeks ago
I love whipped cream but not from a can or a tub, homemade only
deleted · 25 weeks ago
Yes! Homemade only!
dr_richard_ew · 25 weeks ago
I like whipped cream, but your opinion is your opinion and that's cool
riyriamistborn · 25 weeks ago
Yaass! I'm not the only one!
nicengelman · 25 weeks ago
Still waiting for @rosalinas to weigh in
harvesterofmen · 25 weeks ago
I hate whipped cream too. Always ask for milkshakes without it.
rosalinas · 25 weeks ago
Well whipped cream doesn't even give a single damn about your existence so you can fuck off.
nicengelman · 25 weeks ago
Not what I expected, but well put
rosalinas · 25 weeks ago
What did you expect exactly
mayflower10196 · 25 weeks ago
I'm a bad American because I only like cheese in moderation.
I gagged the first time I learned that people will eat just cheese as a snack. Cheese had always been more of a condiment to me, so to me eating string cheese is like drinking ketchup.