metalman · 1 year ago
Damn, sorry to hear that
nicengelman · 1 year ago
It's awful how sometimes the rug can get pulled out from under you for absolutely no reason
savage_demmigod · 1 year ago
I'm so sorry .... I hope you guys are doing alright
kcat · 1 year ago
Isn’t there any way around this? Couldn’t you guys move to a place that doesn’t have that? Or isn’t there a way to change the insurance policy to accommodate more pets? I have never heard of such a thing it sounds awful. I’m so sorry :(
mrscollector · 1 year ago
We just moved here a couple of weeks ago we can't afford to move again. And the lease says we can have pets just not how many. So she can say we have to get rid some. She is being really kind and letting us have 1 cat and our dog. Original they said no animals but she refused and payed extra so we could each her house and ours get 2 pets.
mrscollector · 1 year ago
I know the cats re going to be ok it's just hard to let them go. But if it was a choice between them our my daughter I will choose her.
popsy · 1 year ago
Sorry about the cats. If they were outside cats, you could deny ownership. Happy Birhtday all the same. I hope that they get good homes. The landlord should have been more clear on the pet policy prior to you moving in. I live in a suburb, and I like my nieghbors having outside cats. Natures rodent control.
parisqeen · 1 year ago
I'm so sorry to hear this, that's an awful thing you have to go through. I'm happy most of your cats are going to loved ones, this means in the future if you ever move again to your own house or somewhere that allows more pets you can bring them all back together. Nevertheless, that's a very difficult thing to have to put yourself through. I hope your birthday is lovely regardless, let us know how you feel and how everything goes during this process.
unicycle · 1 year ago
Have you tried talking to a tenant advocate (or similar)? If the lease you signed doesn't specify a limit on pets, then it doesn't seem like the landlord can enforce one all of a sudden. Whatever problem there is exists between the landlord and their insurance, but you can only be held to the rules in your lease. Nevertheless, this is an awful situation.
mrscollector · 1 year ago
It's ok honestly 6 cats is a lot we don't live in a large place and I know the cats are going to a good home. I just need to let it out. Thanks for everyone's kind words. I am just heart broken like anyone would be.
funkmasterrex · 1 year ago
That seriously sucks, I'm so sorry :/
guest_ · 1 year ago
I’m sorry MrsC. I wish I had more to say- but that just sucks. Totally sucks. I hope things work out alright.
bethorien · 1 year ago
*hugs @mrscollector*
Much love in this time of hardship.
Just hit me up for more digital hugs should you want any more
aviva · 1 year ago
Oh no, @Mrscollector !! I'm sad to hear that :'(
I really hope that they all do ok. I had to leave my dogs behind when I left my dad. I was so scared and worried the first few months but it doesn't bother as much later. Happy Birthday in advance too! I hope a miracle happens to turn your day tomorrow into something absolutely amazing. Hang in there. *hugs* <3
aviva · 1 year ago
@Mrscollector Happy Birthday!! <3 <3