fell_equinox · 1 year ago
Its porn time
peachyy · 1 year ago
Same here. I just reported each comment as spam.
spookykink57 · 1 year ago
It's good that I opened a new account.
deleted · 1 year ago
hyperion · 1 year ago
Thanks Ethan. Yeah massive bot accounts sharing virus and porn links
deleted · 1 year ago
Just to be safe, check your profile and comment history, make sure you didn't get hacked
SuperDave · 1 year ago
Comments and users were deleted. Working on a solution to avoid this from happening again!
dr_richard_ew · 1 year ago
@dilimsaurus it means the stupid sex and virus bot has spammed so much that no one else is allowed to comment today bc it decided to be fucking greedy and steal them all from actual users
dr_richard_ew · 1 year ago
@dilimsartius87 sorry wrong name
interesting · 1 year ago
Yeah commenting for the entire site is maxed, waiting for the reset.
interesting · 1 year ago
Wondering if Dave did it on purpose to stop the bots in their tracks while figuring out a solution.
dilimsartius87 · 1 year ago
Reply to @dr_richard_ew Dam bots! I can't even comment properly anymore!
dilimsartius87 · 1 year ago
Supposed self comment on my post. "Sorry guy's i just have to post this, I'm drunk asf right now and can't think straight or logically. So i just have to post this, hope that i font get roasted and read your comments tomorrow"
thekaylapup · 1 year ago
Hey @SuperDave anyway we can get a system in place where we don't see notifications from comments that were already deleted? I know you are working hard to get rid of the porn bots, and it never happening again would be ideal, but I think realistically this kind of thing will crop up on occasion. And there isn't much you can do about me recieving 44 new notifications of spam. But about a forth of them were deleted before I saw them (A+ work getting it off the site), so I clicked my notifications to see the most recent comment being days or even weeks ago.
It also may be helpful to you to implement a way to delete every comment a user has made once they are banned for being a porn bot. I saw several where I tried to report the user to find they had already been banned. I don't know what you have to do now, but I imagine it would be easier for you to be able to delete all of it at once.
Just some thoughts. Again, great appreciation for getting the bots taken care of quickly.
jensensbooty · 1 year ago
Luckily my account doesn’t have any suspicious activity on it