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bethorien · 51 weeks ago
*hugs @aviva*
xvarnah · 51 weeks ago
@aviva Dr hates everyone so it's okay
aviva · 51 weeks ago
Thanks, Beth! *hugs*
@xvarnah Does everyone hate dr?
xvarnah · 51 weeks ago
I can't speak for everyone I'm afraid
aviva · 51 weeks ago
I bet Beth can
dr_richard_ew · 51 weeks ago
That's very untrue, I love you all equally
xvarnah · 51 weeks ago
Which means you hate us all equally as well
dr_richard_ew · 51 weeks ago
Wheres the hate?
nicengelman · 51 weeks ago
Cyborg Dragon sees your hate and raises you execration
jmmcclain · 50 weeks ago
It's @aviva's birthday week!
xvarnah · 50 weeks ago
@aviva I don't know when your birthday is exactly but happy birthday (again)!
nicengelman · 50 weeks ago
@aviva Herpy Berfder Arviver!
catfluff · 50 weeks ago
Happy birthday @aviva!
grimreaper · 50 weeks ago
It's tomorrow
bethorien · 50 weeks ago
guest_ · 50 weeks ago
Happy birthday week!
aviva · 50 weeks ago
Thank you so much, guys! I love you <3
jdudkiewicz · 49 weeks ago
As you age you may be shocked at how much better your life gets, and the areas that improve. I did not get along with my Dad at your age, and due to a lot of things he said I felt no one would ever chose to love me. I got out and travelled all over this country. Now in my 30's I have never been happier. I married a sweet, gorgeous girl I don't deserve and found a way to forgive. After a journey of 20,000 miles I live just a few hundreds yards from where I grew up. "Time is the greatest distance between two places".
guest_ · 49 weeks ago
Thank you for sharing that story. I’m very happy for you. Time is a funny thing. No telling where tomorrow or 10 years will see us. I found your account very moving and it brightened my day to hear it. Thank you again.
aviva · 49 weeks ago
@jdudkiewicz I don't get along with my dad either, and he said a lot of negative things that made me feel like that too. I'm really happy for you!! :) You mean you found a way to forgive your dad? You're right. A lot of crazy things can happen in a year, or in two months, or even in a day. You have a solid point. Thanks for sharing! :)