dr_richard_ew · 24 weeks ago
I need to send mine in tomorrow and idk how to write it. Do you gotta be formal or does it just have to say "2 weeks and I'm gone"?
interesting · 24 weeks ago
Are you leaving amicably and using the company for a reference?
interesting · 24 weeks ago
Short, simple and sweet would be my recommendation. "To whom it may concern, this is my two weeks notice. My last day will be (insert date here). Thank you, (signature and date)."
interesting · 24 weeks ago
If you're leaving amicably, you can add a line or two complimenting the company and expressing your thankfulness for your time there.
that_creepy_guy · 24 weeks ago
exactly what @interesting said, short sweet and simple. no need to post reasons or anything like that
dr_richard_ew · 24 weeks ago
Alright, sounds good to me. Thank you!
nicengelman · 24 weeks ago
Even better, wait two weeks and then turn in a two weeks notice that's retroactive for two weeks, and walk out immediately
popsy · 24 weeks ago
No smart ass has said : with a pen, doc
boredomsucks · 24 weeks ago
I loved our time together, but I found someone else?
fell_equinox · 24 weeks ago
What @interesting said
Like pretty much copy what he said and you'll be golden. I've quit from 2 different jobs and that's worked well.
bethorien · 24 weeks ago
depending on the laws in your area it doesnt really matter as long as you give it as in most places its illegal for the reference company to say anything other than "yes [ex-employee] worked for us from [date] to [date2]"
jasonmon · 24 weeks ago
This is all great advice. From a formatting point of view, I would add a few quick things: 1) put their address in the upper-left corner, 2) put your address/phone/email under it, and 3) put the date in the upper-right corner. And finally, end it with "Best regards," or "Sincerely," and then several spaces and then your printed name. In the spaces, sign your name. Congrats!
fell_equinox · 24 weeks ago
@jasonmon I literally wrote my 2 weeks on a napkin XD
that_creepy_guy · 24 weeks ago
As long as you have a good relationship with your boss, you could simply write "This is my 2 weeks notice, my last day will be x" and then make sure you sign and date the paper
signaturefox2013 · 24 weeks ago
Bake it on a cake, then at least you can go out with some goodwill on your shoulder, it’s a nice conversation starter and come on who doesn’t like cake. Just make sure to take pictures of it to make sure they can’t say you up and walked out.