Where’s Everybody From ?
by SuperDave · 96 comments 1 year ago
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that_creepy_guy · 1 year ago
Ah damn but at least 80% are cool lmao
firmlee_grasspit · 1 year ago
@condor1990 Where in England?
metalman · 1 year ago
Missouri, the best state in the union
condor1990 · 1 year ago
@firmlee_graspit Leeds, Yorkshire
mostlyghostly06 · 1 year ago
firmlee_grasspit · 1 year ago
@condor1990 Nice, mate!
herfirstlove · 1 year ago
Entebbe, Uganda, East Africa
cakelover · 1 year ago
Liverpool, England
spookykink57 · 51 weeks ago
Mumbai, India.
kcat · 51 weeks ago
Oh hey so many Aussie users! I’m going to Australia in October to visit my sister
kcat · 51 weeks ago
also @spookykink57 you’re the closest neighbor I can find haha
spookykink57 · 51 weeks ago
That's cool, where are you from?
kcat · 51 weeks ago
Maldives :D
spookykink57 · 51 weeks ago
That's so cool.
But the rising sea level is terrifying.
parisqeen · 51 weeks ago
@kcat October ooft, it's gonna be very warm here by then but hopefully your sister lives in the cooler parts of Aus or near the coast.
kcat · 51 weeks ago
@parisqeen I live on the equatorial line so doubt the heat would bother me much. I’m going to Brisbane, not sure really what the weather is like in October there
@spookykink57 yeah but I doubt that the natural islands that shift and grow with the tides are under any threat but yeah the man made capital cities are deeefinitely submerging
parisqeen · 51 weeks ago
Well then you are well equip for hot weather. I'm not sure either, I've never been in Brisbane in October but you're close to the beach so should be fine regardless. Have a good time!
rayofsunshine · 51 weeks ago
I live in Brisbane! It gets pretty warm, but it’s actually not too bad in October.
kcat · 51 weeks ago
Thank you @parisqeen :D
kcat · 51 weeks ago
Good to hear @rayofsunshine I’m really looking forward to it :D