funkmasterrex · 1 week ago
$12.99 a month.
Hell yes. I don't even care about ESPN+, but come November, this ends Netflix for me.
funkmasterrex · 1 week ago
Since dis be my thread I'm just gonna add my best friend's son was just born \>_>/ woot woot mufucka
funkmasterrex · 1 week ago
nicengelman · 1 week ago
I'll admit it's an amazing deal. I never subscribe to more than one service at a time, so I might drop Netflix, go to Disney+ for Marvel and Star Wars stuff, and let new stuff build back up on Netflix and Amazon
nobodyimportant · 1 week ago
My cell phone company pays for my Netflix, Amazon video is part of my prime, and I only actually pay for Hulu, might be worth it to switch my account to add Disney.
mrscollector · 1 week ago
Same for me @nobodyimportant my phone pays for my Netflix but I Jack Sparrow Amazon shows I want to see. I do pay for Hulu but if Disney+ is going to be added I totally will upgrade.
dr_richard_ew · 1 week ago
This may be a totally dumb question but how much do they cost individually, and what does hulu offer again?
funkmasterrex · 1 week ago
Individually it would cost like... just under $20/month. ESPN+ is like $5, Disney+ is $7... then however much Hulu is. Anyway, Yeah, when this comes out I'm cancelling Netflix for it. Runaways is on Hulu and soon so will be Ghost Rider, M.O.D.O.K., Hellstrom (Damien Hellstrom, son of Satan), Hit-Monkey, Tigra and Dazzler, Howard the Duck, and then a team up of "The Offenders" lol