mortal funsub
by bethorien · 27 comments 22 weeks ago
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catfluff · 23 weeks ago
interesting · 23 weeks ago
I'm drinking my coffee and waiting for someone to battle to the death...
SuperDave · 23 weeks ago
This could be a thing, the winner is the one with the best 2 out of 3 memes! FIGHT !!!
dr_richard_ew · 23 weeks ago
I'm bad at making memes so how about I just stab Dr. Horrible and get this over with
SuperDave · 22 weeks ago
Ok, not limited to memes, what about a picture, image, art, or something that gets people’s attention & votes.
dr_richard_ew · 22 weeks ago
Yeah but I want to stab him
interesting · 22 weeks ago
If you want art, @mialinay
interesting · 22 weeks ago
*mortal combat voice* FIGHT!
xvarnah · 22 weeks ago
Wait, I already nearly killed MrsCollector with a meme earlier, shouldn't I already be a winner?
internet · 22 weeks ago
that wasn't part of a match, so it was just murder. cold-blooded murder. I hope you're proud of yourself, cause I sure as hell would be
xvarnah · 22 weeks ago
Well she didn't die so it was really only attempted murder. Either way I think I deserve credited. More than either of the doctors managed - and that's without their fancy medical degrees, too
dr_horrible · 22 weeks ago
What is this foolishness?
*pulls out working freezeray*
Laundry day!
dr_richard_ew · 22 weeks ago
*pulls out working heatray*
Have at thee!
dr_horrible · 22 weeks ago
Oh oh! Let's cross the streams! Or maybe we both shoot @xvarnah
xvarnah · 22 weeks ago
-pulls out broken x-ray- just try it
dr_richard_ew · 22 weeks ago
Lets do it!
*crosses all three streams*
calvinoot · 22 weeks ago
*From the back eating popcorn* Has anyone won yet?
xvarnah · 22 weeks ago
Well I'm pretty sure the freeze Ray and the heat ray cancel each other out, which just leaves us with some really obscure images of the doctors' skeletal structures
dr_horrible · 22 weeks ago
By our powers combined...
dr_richard_ew · 22 weeks ago
We have created... evaporation!