How was your day, anything interesting happen recently?
by deleted · 23 comments 51 weeks ago
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deleted · 1 year ago
I got to take my youngest daughter on a girls trip before she returns to college next week. It’s nice to have a chance to enjoy each other without the stress of everyday life.
deleted · 1 year ago
@ignoot do you grow food or flowers or both?
@rydler good luck with your first year!
cakelover · 1 year ago
My car's MOT may or may not have ran out a few days I had to drop it in to the garage today
I listened to some of the Sunday special with Ben Shapiro and Sam Harris last night, that was interesting
Oh, and I turned 22
jasonmon · 51 weeks ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @cakelover! I hope you got cake.
Yesterday, my car horn decided to sing the song of its people for my neighborhood in a loud, unbroken yell. I traced the problem to the steering wheel horn switch. I have taken everything apart, and I just carefully removed the switch from the airbag. Now it's time to cut open the switch assembly and figure out why it is grounding out. Adventures!
cakelover · 51 weeks ago
Thanks man!
releasethekraken · 51 weeks ago
A friend of mine met Ian McKellen today, and I'm both excited and jealous!
deleted · 51 weeks ago
@scurvyknave I grow vegetables. This year I’ve got tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, and beans.
It’s good to hear how y’all are having good days!
@cakelover Happy birthday! Hopefully your cars works ok once it’s fixed!
dr_richard_ew · 51 weeks ago
I crave a camping trip
nicengelman · 51 weeks ago
I found a new orphanage filled with delicious nightmares to feed on
rydler · 51 weeks ago
That's good @niceangelman
Glad you've found something you like!
deleted · 51 weeks ago
@dr_richard_ew Soon child, soon.
dr_richard_ew · 51 weeks ago
Bitch I'm older than you
deleted · 51 weeks ago
nicengelman · 51 weeks ago
@dr_richard_ew remember now, I've been alive forever
dr_richard_ew · 51 weeks ago
I've been alive forever plus one!
nicengelman · 51 weeks ago
I was alive before math, which you'd know if you really had been alive forever!
cakelover · 51 weeks ago
@ignoot thanks mate :)
And it wasn't broken, it just needed its yearly compulsory check-up
karlboll · 51 weeks ago
My sister called and asked me to take out a big loan to bail her and her kids out during the divorce. Damn right I said yes, I've been waiting for her to divorce that asshole for years now. It's going to be tough but I feel like the best uncle ever.
properchaos · 51 weeks ago
1st day of school for the offspring! My first day off in 3 months!