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hyperion · 16 weeks ago
I lost to Billie Eilish on fortnite
nicengelman · 16 weeks ago
I had a dream where Steve Harvey showed up at my job and roundhouse kicked one of the girls on the front end so hard in the face that all her teeth got knocked out
llamas0can0fly · 16 weeks ago
I had a dream a year ago that was rly vivid so I thought it was real. anyway, I was an a spy type person with a group and we were at war with some other spy type group(I didn't know specifics) and everyone in the group had a role. I was the best fighter so I was supposed to go after the other groups best fighter. as we are hiking through the jungle they ambush us so we all get right into the fight. (for some reason all I had was a dagger to fight with??? and the other groups best fighter had this rly long wooden pole.) so we start fighting but both get distracted trying to help our teammates who are struggling. as I was helping fight someone off the other groups best fighter person sneaks up and stabs me straight in my lower back. (and as this is happening in the dream I could actually feel it and I remember at that time I was thinking its just a dream, I'll wake up.) as this is happening the other group is retreating so the fighter person goes with them. and all my teammates...
llamas0can0fly · 16 weeks ago
are congratulating each other (for some reason I was just standing there in shock) after a few seconds they realize that I hadn't said anything or moved at all so they were all asking me if I was ok and stuff when I fall over and die. (then it turns to one of my teammates POV and he is the one telling my parents that I died.) they had no reaction at first, then they were like ok whatever. but then he goes and tells his parents, and they start sobbing and screaming, and Idk them real well in real life so it was kinda weird. Anyways then I woke up and I could still feel the pain on my back.
mayflower10196 · 16 weeks ago
I had a dream I was floating in space looking at one of those Jewish top thingies (I forget what they're called) while Optimus Prime's voice told me I needed to find "it" and I would receive Jesus' six sided die to the universe
Not sure what "it" is yet
calvinoot · 16 weeks ago
A dude in my dream told me to stop dreaming, and got mad at me when I didn't. He told me that I HAD to stop lucid dreaming, because it was hurting people and messing with things I didn't understand. Oddly, in dreams I am far more rebellious and chaotic. After that warning I instantly got two living people stuck in a wall, he got them out, told me his name was Ryland Ryler and woke me up. Being the third time someone in a dream told me to stop dreaming, or to be careful in dreams, I was pretty spooked. - That being said the next lucid dream I had I went hogwild because I wanted to see how far I could push the dream police.
calvinoot · 16 weeks ago
@mayflower10196 if you don't find it at some point imma be very sad.
awake_ash · 16 weeks ago
A banana terrified me. As I was walking towards my bed, horrified (typical cliche horror movie), I knew I had to move the sheets away and THERE IT FUCKING WAS, A FUCKING BANANA, I don't know why but it woke me tf up terrified... I shit you not, that's the most weird yet funny dream I've ever had
dr_richard_ew · 16 weeks ago
Ok by this point I'm just gonna go make a pastebin and just let everyone read my remembered dreams for themselves. Gimme a minute
dr_richard_ew · 16 weeks ago
Here we go! I write my dreams down as the places I see, rather than what happened in them, 50% the area is more interesting than the dream itself, and 50% sometimes I have multiple dreams in the exact same area, so it saves a ton of writing. I do have a few exceptions for this, like one of them is a scenario, and two of them are characters. Also a lot of these start out really basic, but my descriptions get much longer over time.
Nevertheless I hope you guys enjoy reading these, and if you wish to press further about a specific dream, dont be afraid to just ask!
dr_richard_ew · 16 weeks ago
Btw some of these may have some personal details in them. I ask that you ignore them and continue your life as if you never noticed those details.
(Nothing inappropriate or anything, but stuff like town names or family members or my own name, etc etc)
lihea · 16 weeks ago
I recently had a dream where a male friend of mine (who I don't know irl) cam up to me and was super proud of these wearable fox ears and tail he had bought.
I took one good look at them and said : Those are not a fox ears and tail, those are the raccoon ears and tail from super mario 3. He got so pissed at me he broke off our friendship.
I also once had a dream where I was lying in bed snacking on some cheese and somehow there was a half a cantaloupe in my bed as well. The cantaloupe was eaten so only the rind was left in this half spherical shape. Then a little baby pig jumped up on the bed and very nervously and politely asked me if he could sit in the cantaloupe rind.
He was so cute, adorable and polite I didn't want to tell him no, but he wouldn't fit and so I told him: You can try, sweetie.
hermionegranger · 16 weeks ago
Half cat half robot was trying to kill me so I ran away in an ice cream truck
hydrofalcon · 16 weeks ago
This isn’t really a dream per say, more of a nightmare. But when I was younger I had this nightmare that I was in a Mario Cart race with Mario and some Sesame Street characters and we all had these big cookie costumes on. Basically what happened was that I got bumped off the track and hit into (yes INTO) a tree with a big hole in the middle and out of nowhere cookie monster looks down into the tree and is like COOKIE so he tries to eat me and yea that’s it
1_puma · 16 weeks ago
There was a tiny, secluded Earth in the center of the regular one. Everyone ran efficiently through tube-like structures to create energy and resources. Eventually, this world “broke” and while in the middle of the Earth, some discoverers excavating in the center heard these people and found the little Earth. I was excluded and wasn’t able to come back because I was the one to blame for the little Earth busting and being discovered. The dream told me to Google Dr. Noah Page when I wake up, and he can lead me back to the little Earth. It was incredibly lucid, as all my dreams are.
funkmasterrex · 16 weeks ago
I had a dream about a week ago that all my friends had doppelgangers that worked for the NSA and they were living in my house because they defected and were homeless. I was tripping out, and they showed me just how much the NSA was spying on everyone until they showed me what the NSA had on me, and I was tripping out, then one of my friends' doppelgangers sneaked up behind me and strangled me with a plastic bag... at which point I woke up. >_>
wongilicious · 16 weeks ago
I dream in the same environment every time for 3-5 years and then will go 3-5 months without dreaming and then start the new environment. I've been a magician's apprentice for years, been able to access a hidden swimming pool party full of talking animals for a while, built/managed/became mayor of an entire island for a time, etc. Just recently started training at a military base with a teaching hospital somewhere where most of the people speak either Russian or German.
rydler · 16 weeks ago
I once had a nightmare that was just Thomas The Tank Engine. I was like 8.
my most recent dream was that i was in some sort of cave-thing that had water at the bottom (just like mid-calf height) and i was making out with a really cute pirate guy.
I'm a straight male. So it was a bit of an off-putting dream
mostlyghostly06 · 15 weeks ago
I rode a go kart home in my dream lol
mostlyghostly06 · 15 weeks ago
Just looked up my dream apparently it means I’m lazy and don’t have any goals