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hyperion · 24 weeks ago
Well it's been shared in the discord server so that should have changed the numbers up a bit. Light blue seems to be taking the lead for now but 2 days will be left.
savage_demmigod · 24 weeks ago
I've only ever used the mobile version
hydrofalcon · 24 weeks ago
@savage_demmigod Rip me too :/
hyperion · 24 weeks ago
Actually now that this is going on @superdave
Any plans on changing and updating the FS app and giving it a new look?
SuperDave · 24 weeks ago
The majority of the traffic comes from mobile version of the site, App use is really low so maybe in the future.
hyperion · 24 weeks ago
I mean I would use the app but the UI is isn't very appealing. Also had issues with it but I it's been a while.
SuperDave · 24 weeks ago
We will fix and improve all versions of the site, is just that the apps are not priority right now, but we will.
ajhedges · 24 weeks ago
Will you fix the bot posts?
mialinay · 24 weeks ago
Yeah, I'd also use the app more, but I couldn't even log in to begin with :D
Didn't give me the log in via Facebook option
SuperDave · 24 weeks ago
@ajhedges , bots will be domesticated !
calvinoot · 24 weeks ago
Wow! It's really cool that you are putting this much effort in and actually asking the community what they think! :D Keep up the great work Dave!
calvinoot · 24 weeks ago
Personally I like option 3's colour scheme best. :P
SuperDave · 24 weeks ago
Mobile version available, please check !
hyperion · 24 weeks ago
You know I'm really digging the Turquoise. Also the dark mode. Looks super clean as well.
calvinoot · 24 weeks ago
I am LOVING dark mode, though I would like if the search bar could be minimized like the side bar.
interesting · 24 weeks ago
Black/dark mode does it for me, the others dont really do much color scheme wise as the overwhelming majority of the page fill is white.
dr_richard_ew · 24 weeks ago
savage_demmigod · 24 weeks ago
This is great!! Would love it if the search bar would fade away once we start scrolling though just to have a cleaner page
mikriarktos · 24 weeks ago
I agree about the searchbar going away when scrolling
silvermyth · 23 weeks ago
I kind of like the black that mobile is. I'd like to have a dark mode added, at least