llamas0can0fly · 24 weeks ago
I also recently haven’t been sleeping very good anyways. Like I will go to sleep thinking about something and when I wake up I feel like I haven’t slept at all. And this is also weird bc I just got back from a backpacking trip and I’m so exhausted
rosalinas · 24 weeks ago
I learned a little trick a while ago.
Just blink super fast for a whole minute.
Just blink like crazy while counting to 60.
Your eyelids gonna be so sore than they can hardly open and you kinda get forced to sleep.
Sounds stupid but it worked for me.
Keep on blinking!
parisqeen · 24 weeks ago
I've tried that blinking thing and it gives me a headache. Not sleeping when you're tired is like a form of torture honestly. Usually when you wake up and still feel exhausted it means you had interrupted sleep, like kept waking up and falling back to sleep so you're unaware it was interrupted, however, you never reached that deep stage of sleep that you need to feel rested. Sometimes I find when a lot is on your mind it's hard to become mentally rested enough to drift off. I haven't found a guarantee way to doze off unfortunately so all I can suggest is reading a book (not on your phone/any screen) or creating a dream to sleep to until you actually fall asleep.
devilsballsack · 24 weeks ago
I have been there before and I could go into detail. However I don't know about your problem in particular so here's some general advice. Try Reading (a book, not on a screen) or masturbation. Hope I could help.
13579a · 24 weeks ago
I can never go to sleep, so I just do sit ups until I'm so exhausted I physically can't do any more. It's good for you and you'll get sleep. I did 200 the other night before I fell asleep. Hope this helps!
ignoot · 24 weeks ago
If the sleeplessness persists I would recommend chamomile tea.If that doesn’t work perhaps talk to a doctor to see if melatonin tablets would help.
calvinoot · 24 weeks ago
I find telling yourself a story or trying to recount the days events help, eventually it will take too much effort to keep your brain from wondering into a different thought and you drift off. Warm milk can make you feel nice as well! Sometimes I'm so tired my brain makes stupid bargains that somehow work? Once I was so tired I was convince that I would only stop hearing an annoying bird if I thought of India suits. It worked?
xvarnah · 24 weeks ago
All the time. If it's a recurring thing you may want to try some melatonin. Weber vitamins make a kind that dissolve under your tongue. Taste like a lump of chalk, but they do help some. They come in 3mg, 5mg, and 10mg. Of course, keep any of your health issues in mind and proceed with all due caution. They are natural though, and one or two might be enough to get your cycle back on track. If that's not helping then may be time to either visit your doctor or make some changes to your routine
Lavender might also help slow your mind down. I personally can't stand the smell of it, but again, might help.
If you've been smoking or such at all nicotine may also be screwing around with your dreams, which could contribute to the tired feeling the next day
xvarnah · 24 weeks ago
You can try reading before you sleep in a quiet room with minimal light, and only spending time in your room when you're ready to sleep.
^ for the record I'm not a naturopath or w/e They're called. But when it comes to sleep if simpler, more natural solutions can be effective they're usually better to try first.