Wow. So, the Nintendo direct, huh?
by tcole3710 · 15 comments 23 weeks ago
tcole3710 · 23 weeks ago
creativedragonbaby · 23 weeks ago
Omfg yes
timebender25 · 23 weeks ago
I watch one (1) movie and suddenly Sans is in Smash.
This is why I don't go to the theatre.
mrfahrenheit · 23 weeks ago
wait what
hyperion · 23 weeks ago
Animal crossing is my thing. The trees shake
tcole3710 · 23 weeks ago
You can pick up an entire fuckin tree and just replant it.
dr_richard_ew · 23 weeks ago
Ness is in smash again!
hyperion · 23 weeks ago
Yeah but that's goof because I like rearranging
hyperion · 23 weeks ago
Good I mean
nicengelman · 23 weeks ago
I can't believe 20 SNES games are coming to Switch tomorrow
boneheadsans · 23 weeks ago
carbonatedwaffles · 23 weeks ago
I sat there being like "oh man that's pretty cool. Woah, home run contest is back." Then when Sans showed up I stood up in awe just taken by surprise when fuckin SANS HIMSELF ENTERED SMASH
boneheadsans · 23 weeks ago
i guess you could say it was...
a smashing hit?
tcole3710 · 23 weeks ago
Smash online is just filled with Banjos atm
hyperion · 23 weeks ago
Im somewhere in there