this_isntme · 23 weeks ago
The above is the response I got when I pointed out that an automated randomizer gathering content from other sites was a bot
this_isntme · 23 weeks ago
Apparaently we don't post enough for whoever to make money on the adds. , however ther don't want to call bots ....bots.
scatmandingo · 23 weeks ago
I’m not a mod, just a regular user with a tech background who recognizes what’s going on.
this_isntme · 23 weeks ago
I didn't say it was from a Mod.
creativedragonbaby · 23 weeks ago
@this_isntme if you don't want bot posts, get off the internet
this_isntme · 23 weeks ago
Fuck You in a small hole that will hurt. Who the Fuck are you to tell me to get off the internet. You useless non-posting asshole? You could post instead of sitting on a dildo.
this_isntme · 23 weeks ago
So this is a dozen of you who use bots for hits and post to each othe to get paid?
this_isntme · 23 weeks ago
That against the law.
fell_equinox · 23 weeks ago
Your reaction was a bit over the top towards dragonbaby
Maybe you need to log off for a few hours, take a walk or a nap, and then come back
funkmasterrex · 22 weeks ago
If you aren't you, since "this_isntme", who are you!? o_O