scatmandingo · 23 weeks ago
You sound like you might need a nap.
this_isntme · 23 weeks ago
Nope. Do you? I can do this for days. Proving to any Newb that this is just a bot site.
scatmandingo · 23 weeks ago
We went through this over a year ago. Some people left, those that stayed are ok with it. There’s not much more to do. Sometimes the content is a little weird but FS tends to be more about the comments than the actual posts.
interesting · 23 weeks ago
I mean, saying this is just a bit site doesnt really initiate a productive conversation. Point out the posts specifically that you take issue with bud.
fell_equinox · 23 weeks ago
So is your version of "getting back at moderators" to spam the chat section?