Public apology incoming
by 1_puma · 6 comments 37 weeks ago
1_puma · 37 weeks ago
@famousone I apologize for my harsh words and for arguing with you incessantly. I usually don’t lose myself in arguments. I was not respectful to your views, and was honestly straight up mean. I let my pride get in the way of my usual calm demeanor. I try and be a good and productive member of this community, but I absolutely screwed up. This is why I usually stay away from political debate. It’s fine if you don’t accept my apology, and I don’t expect one in return. I just feel I stepped over a line, and I need to take responsibility for my words.
famousone · 37 weeks ago
I appreciate this, brother. I really do.
I understand that there are some bad days, and I've had a few myself, so I don't take singular or even intermittent incidents too personally. I hope only that my own indiscretions are forgiven in kind. Thank you.
cakelover · 37 weeks ago
This takes some maturity man
Well done
1_puma · 37 weeks ago
I’m so glad you took this to heart. It’s a weight off my shoulders. All any of us can do is try and better ourselves. Thank you. Thank you as well, @cakelover.
funny_steph · 37 weeks ago
This brings me so much joy
bethorien · 37 weeks ago
*sends hugs to all involved*