parisqeen · 38 weeks ago
Yeah all the time, mostly when I know I'm alone though. It's one of those things everyone does but everyone think's they're the only ones. It helps sort your thoughts and remember things better.
bethorien · 38 weeks ago
i do it when people are around too tho usually its because i forgot people were around
karlboll · 38 weeks ago
Continuously, between my internal vs external dialogue and my vocal tics people find me quite odd at times.
1_puma · 38 weeks ago
Yeah, even with people around. I’ll talk to myself or sing to myself in the gas station. It helps with my social anxiety. I guess it depends what you’re talking to yourself about when other people are around. If you’re just like “I need this, and this...” it’s perfectly understood, but of you’re talking about how you’re a holy knight sent to your location to fight demons, that may raise some concerns.
catfluff · 38 weeks ago
I often do "pew pew pew" sounds out loud to shoot down my intrusive thoughts, or I have an imaginary conversation or relive a conversation and then I spasm out with hand gestures and random words. If I do something I have to focus on or have to figure out I also talk to myself.
dr_richard_ew · 38 weeks ago
I do it even when people are around. Its frankly an awful habit that I've been working on fixing for years
denusknife37 · 38 weeks ago
I do it when gaming
parisqeen · 38 weeks ago
@catfluff I love that "pew pew" Idea that's awesome
funkmasterrex · 38 weeks ago
I do it all the time. Back in HS I had a horrible habit of singing during passing periods. I'd be singing, greet a friend/say wassup and not miss a beat and just kept singing. That died 2nd year in college. It wasn't because anyone complained (I have the voice of an angel!), but just because I went through about a year of deep depression. I'm no longer depressed, and haven't been for some time, but the singing only comes back when I'm alone now.
negan · 38 weeks ago
Thanks for sharing y’all. It’s something I do a lot of. I’ll just say a lot of stuff out loud and then answer myself or respond to myself out loud. Good to know I’m not alone.
catfluff · 38 weeks ago
@parisqeen glad it helps!