Personal Confession
by natethegreat · 9 comments 37 weeks ago
natethegreat · 38 weeks ago
I recently accepted that I am bisexual and am working through internalized homophobia that stuck with me from my upbringing, any advice?
pinballwzrd · 38 weeks ago
Honestly, take it step by step. You don’t have to be comfortable with everything all at once. You can unpack while you go. Listen to yourself about how you feel and give voice to that feeling, if only to better understand why you feel it. It’s going to take time, and that’s okay. You’re building a relationship with a new part of yourself and relationships take time.
scatmandingo · 38 weeks ago
Just try to remember that no one cares about sexuality anymore. Bisexual is the best possible scenario; you are better off than most.
pripyatplatypus · 38 weeks ago
Love yourself some.
xvarnah · 38 weeks ago
I feel like that's not entirely correct. Some people do care. You may encounter people who genuinely respond negatively. Even people who aren't homophobic may have a small processing period when you tell them. The good news is this number has scaled back drastically from what it used to be. The other good news is - you can't control them. You're not responsible for how they respond. All you can control is how you handle it
guest_ · 38 weeks ago
It can be rough. I’m not going to tell you what to be. You can be bisexual without being comfortable with some things. Take it step by step. The first thing that pops up tends to be what we are conditioned to think- that means nothing. Analyze partner. Try things, think about your feelings after. What did you like? What didn’t you? Why? Don’t be an obstacle to your own happiness but know that being “bisexual” isn’t really a thing. Sexuality is a spectrum. Maybe you’re ok doing some stuff with one sex but not the other. Maybe your mood shifts daily. Just no guilt and sex don’t mix. If you’re both consenting adults- learn to work past things like “guilt” and learn from your experiences. Chalk it up to learning and move on.
guest_ · 38 weeks ago
With most things it’s best to push your comfort zone slowly. Explore things as you go and feel your way through. Find what turns you on, think about why and what about it works and doesn’t work, and then try the next thing you think you’ll like. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable. Don’t let society or other people tell you what you enjoy. Find out.
natethegreat · 38 weeks ago
omg this is so amazing, I almost can't believe that this is really happening,
I feel so much better about myself and life overall now. :D
Thank you all for the advice, I have truly come closer to feeling almost prideful now lol
I honestly hated myself and felt absolutely miserable and ashamed for years when I would think about my desires.
I can now accept that I like what I like and there's nothing I can do about it. and that's okay.
I love you all, thank you. <3
funkmasterrex · 37 weeks ago
Wank it and wank it again. In all seriousness, just try to be comfortable. If something makes you uncomfortable, let that shiz be known... as you being uncomfortable can make someone else uncomfortable when they don't know why you're uncomfortable... which then causes more uncomfiness and that shit spirals, yo.