My Cleo just died.
by funkmasterrex · 23 comments 37 weeks ago
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llamas0can0fly · 37 weeks ago
I’m so sorry. *sends all the hugs*
funkmasterrex · 37 weeks ago
funkmasterrex · 37 weeks ago
thanks guys. I'm just happy last night she decided to cuddle with me while I zzz'd and that she passed peacefully.
parisqeen · 37 weeks ago
I'm so sorry to hear that Funk, pets give us so much love I feel like you can't ever express how much you truly love them. I'm happy she was able to live a life with you though and that her last moments were painless.
jasonmon · 37 weeks ago
Aww sorry about that, @funkmasterrex. You're awesome for hanging out with her so much and making her little life better. I'm glad she decided to hang out with you last night, too. She must have loved you very much.
xvarnah · 37 weeks ago
At least she got to spend her last night with the human she loved and she felt warm and safe
nicengelman · 37 weeks ago
I'm so, so sorry
1_puma · 37 weeks ago
Reminds me of when my ex roommate’s cat, Chloe, passed from kitty leukemia. We always had a special bond. She was awake when I left for work, and seemed fine...3 hours later, on my break, I came home to her stiff and cold. I’ve had to say goodbye to several companions in my lifetime, and my heart truly goes out to you. Some people will never understand that pets are more than a commodity, but we all support you in this hard time. I’m glad she went peacefully, by her friend’s side. If you need anything from us, just ask. Sorry, friendo.
mrscollector · 37 weeks ago
Sorry for your little kitty loss. I know how hard it is to lose a pet it's like losing a child.
art_with_ghost · 37 weeks ago
Sorry for the loss of your furry child. I too feel sympathy
zont · 37 weeks ago
I'm sorry for your loss.
spookykink57 · 37 weeks ago
So sorry about that Funk. It sucks.
catfluff · 37 weeks ago
Sorry about your loss, @funkmasterrex. Sending you big internet hugs
funkmasterrex · 37 weeks ago
It was so sudden. Took her to the vet Monday, x-rays yesterday, surgery this morning, "surgery was successful", a few hours later, "surgery not successful".
lihea · 37 weeks ago
So sorry about your loss, Funk. It's hard losing a pet... I wish you all the best.
bethorien · 37 weeks ago
*hugs @funkmasterrex forever*
savage_demmigod · 37 weeks ago
Rest in love Cleo
Lots of love to you Funk <3
guest_ · 37 weeks ago
I just saw this Funk. I’m sorry. May sweet Cleo Rest In Peace, and May you find peace at her passing.
funkmasterrex · 37 weeks ago
Again guys, thanks. I've just been sleeping a lot lately; as then I'm not thinking so much about it. I'm going to watch football and play Civ today, try and keep my mind busy. Being able to laugh at some recent memes has helped, so 1000x thank y'all and this site.
popsy · 37 weeks ago
Hey Funk, I have been off line for a bit and I just happened to see this. I'm very sorry to hear about your cat . Pets become family and I was glad to see that you were with her in the end. I hope that your heart heals quickly and may Cleo rest in peace. I truly feel for you Funk.