Well, looks like I'm single again
by dr_richard_ew · 25 comments 35 weeks ago
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blazingfrags · 36 weeks ago
Don't worry bro... it'll be okay soon..*hugs*
dr_richard_ew · 36 weeks ago
*adds Beth and blazingfrags to the hug*
Thanks you guys
dr_richard_ew · 36 weeks ago
popsy · 36 weeks ago
Sorry Doc, but if distance and a little time apart were her breaking point, then she's not the " one" anyhow. You will find a better match and be way happier. It sucks, stings, blows, but soon all of the bad feelings will pass.
parisqeen · 36 weeks ago
That sucks Doc I'm sorry it didn't work out, long distance is really tough for some people, I know I personally wouldn't be able to do it. I'm sorry, hope you feel better soon, let us know if you need anything.
1_puma · 36 weeks ago
We need a heart repair kit, stat! No, no! That doesn’t go there! Aaaaand...got it! Whew, that was close, but I think he’ll pull through. After all, he is the great Dr_Richard_Ew! But seriously, I hope you’re alright. Your love is out there, keep searching!
cakelover · 36 weeks ago
That's tough man
Just know that you can have as many hugs as you like if you come to England
dr_richard_ew · 36 weeks ago
@popsy it wasnt a "little" time apart, it was 2 years
@parisqeen thank you dear
@1_puma hearts dont belong in the abdomen dude
@cakelover not exactly a great message since shes in England rn
cakelover · 36 weeks ago
Aw mate I'm so sorry
dr_richard_ew · 36 weeks ago
It's ok dude, you didn't know
savage_demmigod · 36 weeks ago
Take it easy on yourself while you grieve
We're all here for you Dr and we love you lots
*big hug *
aviva · 36 weeks ago
@dr_richard_ew Oh no!! I'm so sorry. Are you ok, hon?
guest_ · 36 weeks ago
I’m sorry Dr. I know you were very happy with each other, and break ups suck but especially when it isn’t some intrinsic matter of incompatibility but a matter of circumstance or practicality. Hang in there. That’s the best I have for you. Things likely seem pretty shit right now. Maybe will for a while. But they seldom ever stay shit. Keep moving forward. The future brings unpredictable things that are often more amazing than we could reasonably have predicted. Anything can happen. Hang in, try and stay positive and focus on making positive moves.
dr_richard_ew · 36 weeks ago
@aviva I'm ok, I feel like its gonna hurt more later when the realization kicks in as opposed to right now, so I'm fine for now
@guest_ thank you man, it means a lot to hear you say that
guest_ · 36 weeks ago
You deserve happiness Doctor. Life is a mad science experiment. Every death ray has a few misfires, and once in awhile a spec ops team will seize your volcano fortress. But Specter, Cobra, Dr. Claw, and more- they’ve been at it for awhile and had ups and downs. They’ve kept at it and all of them have cool toys and awesome hideouts, dress up parties and plenty of loyal henchpersons to show for it. So a moon raked plan here or there hurts- but tomorrow never dies.
dr_richard_ew · 36 weeks ago
That was the most beautiful thing I've ever read. Thank you so fuckin much dude
spookykink57 · 35 weeks ago
Hey man. That sucks. Hope you feel better. Not immediately, but eventually.
Also, I totally get the realisation thing. I was cool as a cucumber when my girlfriend broke up with me. I was grown up af. A few days later I was fucking panicking realising we had broken up.
But, hang in there man. It's just a little turbulence, not a plane crash. Everything will be smooth once you are out of this place.
dr_richard_ew · 35 weeks ago
Thank you spooky
spookykink57 · 35 weeks ago
Glad to be a part of helping you.
Also, we are always here if you wanna talk.
turn_down_for_now · 34 weeks ago
How old are you?