What even is sleep?
by captainjackharknes · 11 comments 36 weeks ago
xvarnah · 36 weeks ago
The ultimate tease
spookykink57 · 36 weeks ago
I will do you one better,
Why is sleep?
rosalinas · 36 weeks ago
It's free trial for the true death.
spookykink57 · 36 weeks ago
"I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death."
zont · 36 weeks ago
Sleep's a fuckin nightmare tbh
1_puma · 36 weeks ago
Idk, I’m a lifelong insomniac who’s insomnia has only heightened throughout the years. My mind is severely exhausted, but my body seems to have limitless energy. Somehow, I’m still collected enough to function.
zont · 36 weeks ago
I'd like to change my answer.
Sleep is a plot by the government to keep people knocked out for 1/3 of their lives.
I know this because I haven't slept in so long. I am aware of their lies.
dr_richard_ew · 36 weeks ago
Sleep is a temptress whom we are never allowed to be with yet constantly teases us with her presence
guest_ · 36 weeks ago
Know one really knows. We know if a person doesn’t sleep in a long enough period they die. We know that the body exhibits certain behaviors on sleep it doesn’t when awake. But we don’t really know why. Biologically we don’t really understand WHY sleep exists or why it is so important beyond knowing some of the results of lack of sleep. I think sleep is... wonderful.
captainjackharknes · 36 weeks ago
Where is this sleep? I cannot find it.
guest_ · 36 weeks ago
They used to carry it in the dollar store as a generic, but it got pulled for less contamination. So I’m not sure where to get it anymore unless you already have some. Maybe eBay? Or an estate sale. Wish I could be more help. Some people manage to make their own using various home remedies and such- but I’ve never seen any on Etsy.