creativedragonbaby · 36 weeks ago
Why are people so horrible?
fell_equinox · 36 weeks ago
I see the petition but what animal got abused this time?
creativedragonbaby · 36 weeks ago
A kookaburra had it’s head ripped off in front of children
parisqeen · 36 weeks ago
I don't even want to think about that no thank you
guest_ · 35 weeks ago
Freaking brutal. Although- after reading the petition I couldn’t side with either. Animal abuse is despicable and should be illegal. But reading through it- things like “naked and shamed” and “no second chances...” umm... who does that help and how? People who abuse animals are sick or ignorant. They need therapy, education, monitoring, and instead of a focus on “punishment” the focus has to be on trying to make whole. You can’t “pay back” a life or suffering- but you can be required to pay costs of care, give hours of service to protecting or supporting animals etc.
guest_ · 35 weeks ago
The whole”no second chances...” thing...? That I also can’t support. I don’t know quite the answer there- but I think that laws which don’t take into account that people can and do change aren’t right. Someone who hurts an animal, on purpose, with help and guidance could love animals in 10,20 years and be an ideal companion to an animal. Someone who hurts an animal out of stupidity and not malice, etc. there are circumstances and we’ve all done things at one point in our lives that we haven’t done again and avoid or don’t intend to do again.
guest_ · 35 weeks ago
So I think there’s some nuance to it. But I can say that a blanket animal restraining order doesn’t seem like a good way to help a person develop empathy and see value in the life of animals.
creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
I do believe they mentioned an animal abuse registry. I support that tbh
dr_richard_ew · 35 weeks ago
But seriously though wtf