Bad dream
by jmmcclain · 22 comments 35 weeks ago
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jmmcclain · 36 weeks ago
How are you?
cakelover · 36 weeks ago
Here's my bit of advice, for what it's worth:
Take dreams quite seriously
It doesn't mean what they portray is real
But I believe that dreams are the result of your brain processing and analysing threat
You can gain a lot of wisdom from watching and pondering them
That being said, sounds like that dream really sucked
I'm sorry man
But you're doing the right thing by discussing it with people that you obviously trust to some extent
savage_demmigod · 36 weeks ago
I suggest a dose of comfort food and some of your favorite music to just help you mellow out
But yeah, just as @cakelover said, don't just brush it off. If you're feeling sad it's for a reason so don't ignore it. It's just like when you stub your toe or prick your finger you feel pain because your body is saying that something needs to be repaired
Looks like we all just need a little tlc
parisqeen · 36 weeks ago
A pretty common theory about dreams is that they are used as a mechanism for our survival , so conjure up ideas of possible threats and how to defend against them (visualisation has actually been proven to increase our chances of succeeding at something even before it's been practiced). The theory continues that our dreams are crazy and weird because our modern world has advanced far beyond our primal mind. However, your mind may see this threat of someone hurting your nephew as a likely threat because it's probably a fear that you consider extremely important and think about a lot. So, on the bright side this dream probably further supports your love for your nephew and instinct to protect him so your brain is trying to help you out by giving you possible situations. This doesn't make the bad dream feel any better though, so I'm sorry you have to wake up with that awful thought. In the end, dreams are dreams and they can mean whatever you wish them too.
parisqeen · 36 weeks ago
try and process how it made you feel and reflect on that. I’m sorry you’re not feeling good anyway but I’m glad you’re willing to talk to us about it cause we’re always here. I totally agree with Savage, listen to your body and what it’s telling you, we all have basic needs and if your body is telling you to take a break or spend some quality time with a loved one or just cry then do this. Rough days will pass but when you’re having those days, listen to yourself and think “what do I need right now?”, if you can answer that with a realistic solution then do it. Be kind to your mind, you’re a complex person with a lot of emotions and sometimes the best thing to do is just to sit down and slowly untangle all those worries in anyway that makes you feel comfortable and safe.
blueunicorn · 35 weeks ago
i clicked on this by accident but i love how wholesome it is and how total strangers (maybe) are helping each other and im just gonna make this comment and go but you people are beautiful souls
savage_demmigod · 35 weeks ago
No u
blueunicorn · 35 weeks ago
thank you lol but im serious
creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
Uwu let me lick that beautiful sole
creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
And yes that spelling of sole is intentional
parisqeen · 35 weeks ago
Breaking News! @creativedragonbaby has a foot fetish. Back to you in the studio Charles.
creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
No I have a dirt fetish
It’s different
parisqeen · 35 weeks ago
so you're literally dirty minded
blueunicorn · 35 weeks ago
whats a dirt fetish, does the earth turn you on?
creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
To be honest, it’s the gritty texture and bacteria.
Who doesn’t love those?
jmmcclain · 35 weeks ago
Happy Halloween! Thanks everyone
creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
Happy hall of Ween
aviva · 34 weeks ago
Hey, @jmmcclain
Are you doing better? Haven't heard from you in ages(probably my fault).
jmmcclain · 34 weeks ago
Hey @aviva. I'm doing okay. Been sort of stressed, but alright. I know. I'm sorry. Not your fault at all. Never. How are you? Hope you have a good day!
aviva · 34 weeks ago
That's great to know. Did Halloween go great for you guys? Stressed? Is it because of work or something else? And ok. It's none of our faults. I'm doing better. Thanks, I hope you do too! <3