catfluff · 3 weeks ago
You can come over and help us carve our pumpkin?
savage_demmigod · 3 weeks ago
That's super sweet catfluff <3 I think I might just have brownies and cream with my mom lol
catfluff · 3 weeks ago
Alright, hope it's a good evening further and enjoy the brownies <3
funkmasterrex · 2 weeks ago
My plans got screwed as well, now I'm just gonna enjoy some NBA basketball.
Side note: This little shithead just rang my doorbell while I was washing my hands, and proceeded to open my fucking front door.
savage_demmigod · 2 weeks ago
Wtf lol
That kid was taking trick or treat to the max; no candy? Ok I'll just fucking break in
funkmasterrex · 2 weeks ago
Yeah XD I was tempted to eat the candy I was going to give him and slam the door, but his parents wanted a picture. I stared their asses down.