A huge fekin realisation
by creativedragonbaby · 5 comments 35 weeks ago
creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
So, if Skinner was making “steamed clams” and only steamed clams, based on the fact he did not bring anything else to the table, and it was his oven on fire.
He does not know how to steam anything. That is oven roasting my guy.
creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
And even if he was using proper methods to steam it even within the oven, the fact that it caught fire is tremendous given the amount of water involved in steaming
mrfahrenheit · 35 weeks ago
Aha! But you're forgetting one simple thing, and that thing is...he never intended to make steamed clams at all! He originally planned to make a roast, which burned!
scatmandingo · 35 weeks ago
It is not implausible to cause a fire when steaming something in an oven. Many times extra ingredients are added to the steaming liquid. You don’t use a lot of liquid to steam something, maybe an inch in the bottom of a pan tightly wrapped in tin foil. If you leave it too long and the water boils off leaving the flavorings to burn on the bottom of the pan a fire could occur.
dr_richard_ew · 35 weeks ago
Yes and he called it steamed clams despite the fact they were oven baked?