creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
SO if I breathe in deeply, it becomes sort of wet near the end.
Sometimes I wake up at night in a coughing fit, and it feels really low in my lungs like there’s a liquid inside
creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
Mucus? Blood? Who knows. Not me
deleted · 35 weeks ago
Maybe pneumonia? Go see a doctor. Even if it’s only been a week. It sounds like fluid in your lungs, either mucus or ? And inflammation of the bronchial airways. Good luck!
scatmandingo · 35 weeks ago
That’s pulmonary edema. You need to see a doctor.
creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
Yep it was mucus, or at least something white
creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
No blood which is nice
scatmandingo · 35 weeks ago
Correct, it’s nice. You probably don’t have TB. You still need to see a doctor. Pulmonary edema can be caused by a number of things. You could have walking pneumonia which, when left untreated, can cause long term issues with your lungs. I assure you lung problems suck; you don’t want to have to fight for breath later in life.
creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
Well... strangely enough my lungs feel clear now since I coughed up the mucus....sorry for grossing people out.
dr_richard_ew · 35 weeks ago
Did somebody say doctor?
mrscollector · 35 weeks ago
It could be something called walking pneumonia. I due to my lung problem get it bad often. It fells like everything pneumonia is but you are able to function. As in you have the strength to carry on with your day but only enough to get through the day.
I think you should go see a doctor because it is one step from pneumonia which can be life threatening if left unchecked.
At the very least you have a cold or the flu.
xvarnah · 35 weeks ago
Idk anything about walking pneumonia, but as someone who has had bronchitis, I can only assume pneumonia is about 20x more fun. And bronchitis is just about as much fun as a kick in the head with a golf shoe.
So, that in mind: I second, third, fourth, and fifth the "go to the doctor" suggestion
creativedragonbaby · 35 weeks ago
I’m not tired at all.
My nose isn’t running or blocked
I feel fine