scatmandingo · 35 weeks ago
Wait a year to drink, five years to rent a car, and forty-five years to retire.
captainjackharknes · 35 weeks ago
Why wait? I'm still young enough to feel ok with breaking some laws.
captainjackharknes · 35 weeks ago
Oh uh, I mean, I don't break any laws.
karlboll · 35 weeks ago
Enjoy your body that probably doesn't hurt much yet, enjoy your mind that's not yet bogged down with the anxieties that come with decades of responsibilities and find a hobby to immerse yourself in so you have somewhere to escape life's tedium later. Happy Birthday!
yamz · 35 weeks ago
Honestly. . No one knows what to do.. ever
king_me · 35 weeks ago
Wait to die. Its what I do anyway
mrfahrenheit · 35 weeks ago
*laughs in NZ drinking age*
karlboll · 35 weeks ago
And lift with your knees!
xvarnah · 35 weeks ago
Ask this question of less jaded people >.>
properchaos · 35 weeks ago
Enjoy the hell out of it. Love the time you're at. Dont let it pass you by!