cryoenthusiast · 35 weeks ago
like they get oblivious about how much of a prick they can be so you call them out and then they start apologizing about how they were a prick and how they're such an asshole and they're the worst human ever and you know that's not gonna change anything about how they act?
funkmasterrex · 35 weeks ago
NoOoOoOoOo... never ever >_> <_< >_>.... lol. Yeah, I had to cut another tie a few days ago.
sman · 35 weeks ago
Especially when they give you crap, and then just gossip and bully and just mean, take a look in the mirror! I tried to cut ties with some of them a while back and they pulled the "oh so our freindship means nothing to you" I feel your pain, and if you find a way to deal with these things tell me
parisqeen · 35 weeks ago
I find the best way to figure out whether you want this person in your life is to confront them or reflect on how they behave in certain situations. Considering you've already confronted them and they've apologised, try and see if they put effort into improving their behaviour, if not it might be best to let them go. If you can see the friendship isn't adding support and love into your life then know to step away, you don't need a mountain of friends especially when most of them aren't actually being your friend to begin with.
cryoenthusiast · 34 weeks ago
yeah as a i get older i'm really redefining what i want in a friend.
parisqeen · 34 weeks ago
Good for you, it's important especially with age to have loyal and reliable friends who love you even if you can't see eachother all the time. I find those friendships are the most valuable.
funkmasterrex · 34 weeks ago
"If I had" - Eminem.
mastapasta · 33 weeks ago
“I know nothing” -Epstein. :)