How is everyone doing?
by calvinoot · 22 comments 34 weeks ago
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funkmasterrex · 34 weeks ago
I've been looking at old pics and jammin to tunes. I had opening night of NCAA basketball on in the background but it all started because Dick Vitale started annoying me, even though he's one of the few announcers who respects Louisville (who wasn't playing in the Championship Classic, but is ranked 5 and laid a beatdown on Miami. I found a really funny parrot pick I took bout to posts its.
alekazam · 34 weeks ago
I’m anxious all the time, thanks for asking :)
calvinoot · 34 weeks ago
Huh, 2/3 Is a bad ratio of good vibes. Y'all can vent here whenever ya want fam, this community is pretty solid and stable. Let it be the constant in your life.
funkmasterrex · 34 weeks ago
bone thugggzzzz ft Akon - I Tried
1_puma · 34 weeks ago
Chronically ill. Doctors have no clue. Sleep deprivation is at an all-time high, and I’m vomiting nearly every other day. I haven’t been able to go to work, and my family relationship, as well as my relationship with my fiancée are suffering because of it. I’m rather secluded. I haven’t given up, and I go on multiple walks per day to stay active. Otherwise, I’m surprisingly keeping things together. This site and its community gives me something to do on top of other small activities. My “Daily Dose of Cuteness Overload” posts have been a good staple in my life. I appreciate how kind, and humorous most of you are. Thanks for asking.
savage_demmigod · 34 weeks ago
Keep on keeping on @1_puma
When the times get even tougher we'll still be here for you
savage_demmigod · 34 weeks ago
I'm reaching an all time high in my depression and getting panic attacks almost every day but I'm working toward getting some money from my medical aid to see a therapist and just gritting through the bad times [which has proven to be every hour of every day the past few weeks]
But I get that it gets better so hopefully with the little bit of work every day and just bearing through it when I can't muster up the energy to work through my problems it'll just keep getting better and easier.. but fuck is it hard right now
hydrofalcon · 34 weeks ago
I’ve been having trouble sleeping (as I’m posting this at 5 in the Morning lol) But besides that can’t complain. I made it on my high school soccer team so that worked out for me :)
1_puma · 34 weeks ago
Thank you, @savage_demmigod. I hope you can find the right kind of help for yourself. A panic attack every day? That sounds rough. That’s gotta be hell on your entire system. I hope you aren’t growing to be agoraphobic. I was in that state not too long ago, definitely makes it 100x tougher to take action and see someone. Do you have insurance? Otherwise, are you a student? There are ways to receive discounts for therapy.
1_puma · 34 weeks ago
Otherwise, try to find a psychiatrist (M.D., specifically) so that in the event they want to prescribe meds, and you agree to those meds, they’ll be able to prescribe them on the spot without the need for a referral. Just skips a few steps.
hyperion · 34 weeks ago
I am currently in vacation in Mexico living on free random shitty hotspots.
I'm also having fun.
Love seeing the family and going out to central park. So much high quality food at such little price.
I missed this place
zont · 34 weeks ago
I'm actually doing well for once. I'm on meds for my depression, anxiety and ptsd.
I've got past the bad side effects that come with starting the antidepressants.
I can cope. It's amazing. I'm not constantly moping around and crying all the time.
It hasn't affected my personality at all.
God, i'm actually happy with my life. I can see myself getting past 30 without killing myself.
I'll be seeing a talking therapist about my ptsd and other things, but other than that,
I'm doing great!
savage_demmigod · 34 weeks ago
I'm so happy for you @zont ! Gives me hope
zont · 34 weeks ago
@savage_demmigod good luck!
jasonmon · 34 weeks ago
@savage_demmigod and everyone, hang in there. Last year, I thought I was getting persistent, days-long anxiety attacks but it turned out to be PTSD. Once I figured that out, I shifted my coping techniques and popped back to 100%. Talking to a professional is a good move :)
timebender25 · 34 weeks ago
I'm so very late to the convo, but things could be so very much better than they are.
I don't wanna interrupt the good train going though. So I won't go into detail.
f__kyeahhamburg · 34 weeks ago
Thanks for asking in the first place and thumbs up to all of you crawling your way through existence. I had a pretty chill day today and life seems Ok for the moment. Cuddling with the dog right now. Otherwise I am fighting to avoid slipping deeper into the depression which my currently ongoing divorce brought with it.
I'm even thinking of restarting to work out, sports usually helps me a lot. But with the age I feel that it's getting significantly harder to find the right spirit to move on again.
rydler · 34 weeks ago
I'm doing really well!
Made some amazing friends, taking fun classes, and experiencing my first actual Fall and Winter!
Once I actually buy winter clothes I'll be set and golden!
condor1990 · 34 weeks ago
Currently fed up and stressed out
funkmasterrex · 34 weeks ago
I really wanna get in a sword fight with someone right now. Just a spar session, nothing serious... I thought up a new move and I wanna test it.