mastapasta · 38 weeks ago
Or just your best insults that would work against really stupid people... think orcs in the hobbit
savage_demmigod · 38 weeks ago
Your birthcertificare was a waste of paper
savage_demmigod · 38 weeks ago
Birth certificate* my bad
parisqeen · 38 weeks ago
I found sometimes just saying "No" like a statement throws people off and it usually works in any context. I usually try and confuse the person more than actually trying to insult them back, it's funnier to me.
xvarnah · 38 weeks ago
"About time you gave yours a night off."
scatmandingo · 38 weeks ago
“I’ve been deeper inside her than you ever have.”
savage_demmigod · 38 weeks ago
When someone asks you "What are you? 5?!" Just reply "Yeah. 5 inches deep in your mom!"
captainjackharknes · 38 weeks ago
Yeah, she told me you only lasted two minutes, and bleated like a goat.