captainjackharknes · 33 weeks ago
Sorry, the term is Ordained Minister, I guess.
catfluff · 33 weeks ago
Wait what hoe
catfluff · 33 weeks ago
savage_demmigod · 33 weeks ago
That's super cool but did you know the Epstein didn't kill himself?
captainjackharknes · 33 weeks ago
@catfluff you can do that shit online
Also, yes, I knew that, but did you know that Epstein didn't kill himself?
mialinay · 33 weeks ago
carbonatedwaffles · 33 weeks ago
Who else but Captain Harkness himself
catfluff · 33 weeks ago
@captainjackharknes moar info plz
savage_demmigod · 33 weeks ago
In America pretty much anyone can do it. I don't think it's a thing in SA though
catfluff · 33 weeks ago
Dayum, thanks @savage_demmigod
scatmandingo · 33 weeks ago
The Universal Light Church has been ordaining for free for decades. It used to be that once you were ordained you could do some minimal stuff and get a lot of the church tax exemptions. The US IRS closed those loopholes but you can still marry people. I got ordained in 1997. Yeah, I know I’m old.
cryoenthusiast · 33 weeks ago
I'm still wondering about the hoe...
scatmandingo · 32 weeks ago
The hoe that be getting married, obviously.
captainjackharknes · 32 weeks ago
Yeah, I got ordained with the American Marriage Ministries. I might have drank for the first time in a while, and then I remembered this post about a woman who drunkenly became a minister...