savage_demmigod · 3 weeks ago
I don't think I'll be chatting about the details but I just really needed to get it out because I'm honestly just so fucking dead inside and need what little comfort I can grasp by getting it out
catfluff · 3 weeks ago
Sending you internet hugs, friend (())
fedget · 3 weeks ago
if you are able to hang tight I promise when this is over you'll be a stronger person, we all go through rough ones, that's why I know you'll be ok.
snowbeast · 3 weeks ago
Sorry you are having a rough time! Things will get better, and you will feel better. Let it take the time it needs to. Sending guys and energy x
snowbeast · 3 weeks ago
Oops that should have been sending HUGS and energy. Lol.
catfluff · 3 weeks ago
Well the guys you sent can fuck the problem up for her?
parisqeen · 3 weeks ago
@savage_demmigod would you like to talk about it? Maybe someone here is going through or has gone through a similar experience and can help.
I hope you start feeling again soon, you are very very loved and I know how much it hurts to not only be in pain but feel like you're empty as a person. You will get through it, you will feel better eventually and it will be worth it. x much love
snowbeast · 3 weeks ago
@catfluff Good idea!! Sending guys AND hugs!
calvinoot · 3 weeks ago
I'm sorry you feel so terrible, always here to give you support. Love you gal, I know you are strong enough to make it through whatever problem you are facing. Sending infinite hugs and love, you can always vent to us if you need! Xoxoxox
savage_demmigod · 2 weeks ago
I just wanted to let you guys know that today was pretty bearable and I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words
It's nice knowing I've got stranger's support round the world
It's getting better bit by bit and yeah... thanks for taking a little time out of your day to help out someone you don't know
catfluff · 2 weeks ago
Glad to hear your day got a little better <3
parisqeen · 2 weeks ago
You should be really proud of how resilient you are, I know you might not feel it most of the time but from what I've seen of you on here, you're a very strong person. Feel free to let us know when you need some help. xxx
savage_demmigod · 2 weeks ago
Thank you.. I appreciate it