timebender25 · 32 weeks ago
The idea stemmed from a mad scientist (Not you, Richard.) using Lesser Wisps of Light he got through donations to spot the sheer magical load in order to summon them all on one specific location and get their energy to create it. This ended up being a gigantic ask, and you'd need 1.37 *quadrillion* donations from each person alive on planet, all of this one spell. So that didn't work.

I then thought, "Hey. What if this scientist took a Summon Lesser Skeleton spell and then converted their mass into energy somehow? Surely that would be more energetic that summoning a dim flame." And it was, but it also wasn't enough. You'd need 4.2x10^11, or 420 billion, donations from each person for that. So it's ALSO not available.
timebender25 · 32 weeks ago
You could just say, "Oh, why not have a 'Summon Kugelblitz Singularity' spell????? Easy money!!" But no.
That's cheating.
timebender25 · 32 weeks ago
So uh, anyone else who's just as annoyingly nerdy and willing to pitch in idea on how this could theoretically be possible. I wouldn't particularly mind fresh ideas.

It's not important, ultimately. It's just really neat.
cryoenthusiast · 32 weeks ago
Which spellbook or magic school spell list are you using?
timebender25 · 32 weeks ago
Not any official one, just freeform spells that aren't crazy.
I'm not doing magical energy requirement, just seeing of I can think of anything using the application of simple spells like creature summons or short range teleportation or whatnot.
timebender25 · 32 weeks ago
Also my values were wrong, as I forgot to square the speed of light in my energy equations.
The Wisps would take 4.0817x10^23 per person. The Skeleton summons would take 8.3663x10^11.

The only limit on spells is nothing exclusive, it has to be a spell thst could conceptually be cast by and known by literslly anyone and everyone.
dr_richard_ew · 32 weeks ago
How tf did I miss this for so long.
Also, you sure that's not me, seeing as how it was a summon lesser skeleton spell?
timebender25 · 31 weeks ago
I have no idea how you missed this for so long. But I missed it for even longer.

And I'm fairly certain, because this hypothetical Scientist that I'm totally not going to use as the antagonist of a story is enby.