mialinay · 43 weeks ago
I understand some of those words
dr_richard_ew · 43 weeks ago
They also fixed the damn trees
condor1990 · 43 weeks ago
Not fully working but as a proof of concept it's good enough
fell_equinox · 43 weeks ago
What does those letters mean
timebender25 · 43 weeks ago
Pokemon SWord/SHield.
funkmasterrex · 43 weeks ago
That means dome fossils are there as well? Shiny Kabutops or i don't care.
carbonatedwaffles · 43 weeks ago
@funkmasterrex It's not officially in the game, but this proves that you could fully do what Game Freak themselves did and implement Pokemon from Let's GO/USUM into Sw/Sh
carbonatedwaffles · 43 weeks ago
Also I realized I didn't provide a link to the guy who did it