We have a "Fun Blog" now....
by cryoenthusiast · 8 comments 3 weeks ago
cryoenthusiast · 3 weeks ago
It's like our very own "Top Ten's List"
cryoenthusiast · 3 weeks ago
fell_equinox · 3 weeks ago
Is this like ad central?
condor1990 · 3 weeks ago
It seems to be full of crap ingnore it and move on is what i am gonna do
condor1990 · 3 weeks ago
properchaos · 3 weeks ago
Shut up and takes me moneys!
jokur_and_batmon · 3 weeks ago
The fun blog reminds me of those clickbait “news” sites. Where the article is a paragraph and the a thousand pictures show up as links to other pages
willfree · 3 weeks ago