riyriamistborn · 33 weeks ago
I guess my main question is: Which pokemon are specific to each version?
jeremy · 33 weeks ago
neither they both suck tbh
dr_richard_ew · 33 weeks ago
@jeremy yeah I'm upset about the situation too but seeing as how they're now the #1 selling switch game we might as well say fuck it and just get the games if we were gonna do so later
riyriamistborn · 33 weeks ago
I haven't heard much about them yet, honestly. I didn't care much for Sun and Moon, either.
I checked serebii, but they hadn't listed which pokemon were version exclusive yet. Guess I'll check again!
draugrdeathoverlor · 33 weeks ago
I'd say go for sword unless you want galarian poynta. It has good exclusives and the better legendary.
captainjackharknes · 33 weeks ago
Buy 60 sandwiches instead.
fell_equinox · 33 weeks ago
I have sword and I'm loving it. Lota of shit to do and explore
bethorien · 33 weeks ago
based on the way they have their stuff set up (event pokemon not in the game code yet, the fact its on a legit console rather than a mobile device, etc ) we can pretty well assume at least one of the big issues (the cutting of some pokemon from previous generations) may be slowly drip fed to the game through updates along with the event pokemon