1_puma · 37 weeks ago
Coming from iPhone 6S, this is a huge improvement, but I have a huge issue: how do I turn off ads on my new phone? Ads are running rampant on Funsubstance, and I’d like to keep using it. I could just continue to use my old phone for this site, but that’s kind of inconvenient. Adblockers and changes in settings have done nothing to alleviate the amount of ads on this site.
jasonmon · 37 weeks ago
What browser are you using?
captainjackharknes · 37 weeks ago
Brave Adblock Browser works really well.
carbonatedwaffles · 37 weeks ago
It also pays you if you allow ads
1_puma · 37 weeks ago
I use chrome
1_puma · 37 weeks ago
I see. I must browse WITH the adblocker. They don't work with regular browsers as an extension. That is something I am not used to.
condor1990 · 37 weeks ago
The funsubstance android app still works and doesn't have ads although it is no longer on the play store so you would have to find it elsewhere, be careful what you download and install if you take this route