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alekazam · 2 weeks ago
You ain’t wrong but a lot of people have already let their bday on Facebook, Google, etc. known in addition to everything else about themselves
f__kyeahhamburg · 2 weeks ago
Belated happy Birthday @bethorien!
bethorien · 2 weeks ago
if you have any account with anything basically your birthday is public information already.
bethorien · 2 weeks ago
also @f__kyeahhamburg tanku!!!!
parisqeen · 2 weeks ago
You're welcome to give me a fake birthday. I think those who share are aware of the risks, like any personal information that we share on this site or any other site.
savage_demmigod · 2 weeks ago
A very happy un-birthday! To you! To you!
jensensbooty · 1 week ago
November 20th, just missed it lol
creativedragonbaby · 1 week ago
klymaxx · 1 week ago
Haven't been on in a while so a bit late but.....My bday is today!! The big Three Ohh
rydler · 1 week ago
Woo!! Happy Birthday!!!
klymaxx · 1 week ago
Thank you :^D
mrscollector · 1 week ago
Happy birthday @f__kyeahhamburg and @klymaxx
sunflowers · 1 week ago
Happy birthday all! And thank you so much for those who wished the same to me! You are all wonderful.
parisqeen · 1 week ago
SO it's come to my attention that individual pieces may become a bit obnoxious, or spam like (especially in November as that's the month with the most amount of Bdays, it's pretty spread out after that). I just wanted to get your opinion on whether you would like an individual piece on your bday? Or a group one at the end of the month? Or if you have an alternative solution. I'd love to appreciate you all individually but I'm worried it may become annoying as time goes on which I don't want it to be, so let me know your thoughts.
famousone · 1 week ago
I like the individual ones. More personal that way, giving people their own days instead of lumping everyone together.
creativedragonbaby · 1 week ago
It’s not spam if it’s celebrating the people of the site
dr_richard_ew · 1 week ago
Individual works for me
f__kyeahhamburg · 1 week ago
I love my individual piece, thanks again and keep it up for the others, please!
catfluff · 1 week ago
I'm fine with seeing individual pieces, it celebrates us as a site.
parisqeen · 1 week ago
Wicked, I'll keep doing those then. Thanks for the feedback!