funkmasterrex · 6 days ago
For the whole internet it's Baby Yoda... for this site it's either Epstein or cat being yelled at... or cat being yelled at about Epstein.
funkmasterrex · 6 days ago
I still can't figure out why the Mando hasn't put Baby Yoda on top of his head or on his shoulder... especially as Baby Yoda be looking all goofy and cute AF while trying to keep up.
dr_richard_ew · 6 days ago
The cat I have down for september lol.
I think Epstein is the best choice but baby yoda is definitely getting there too
1_puma · 6 days ago
I would go with Epstein, just for the sake of keeping the story alive. People shouldn't forget this one. Substance over cuteness.
mrfahrenheit · 6 days ago
definitely epstein, who didnt kill himself
poisin_kat · 6 days ago
I would also choose Epstein, honestly baby Yoda might just happen to be a December one. It has that awkward time slot
mialinay · 6 days ago
@dr_richard_ew what options do you have?
dr_richard_ew · 6 days ago
Ok fine you caught me, I completely forgot them all and wanted to ask without sounding like a loser :'(
creativedragonbaby · 5 days ago
Haha nice
creativedragonbaby · 5 days ago
Tbh same. I feel like I forgot one but nah we summed it up
dr_richard_ew · 5 days ago
Well I remember going through the month thinking "oh man, that could be good for the meme of the month", and then yesterday came and all of those thoughts vanished into thin air.
Either way I am ashamed for not recording memes better
funkmasterrex · 5 days ago
Apparently the thoughts killed themselves, unlike Epstein.