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hermionegranger · 3 weeks ago
Yip yip
creativedragonbaby · 3 weeks ago
I mean... I rarely comment so, I guess I count?
riyriamistborn · 3 weeks ago
I sometimes comment, but not often
eupheme · 3 weeks ago
jbruce1252 · 3 weeks ago
hello fellow nerds
parisqeen · 3 weeks ago
I don't think I count as a lurker rn but sometimes I'll just dip so yo
captainjackharknes · 3 weeks ago
Also, semi lurkers: Those who rarely post, and sometimes comment. Figured I'd define what I meant by that.
th3andyp · 3 weeks ago
SuperDave · 3 weeks ago
nice to see new usernames !
dublin22 · 3 weeks ago
That'd be me
under_fire · 3 weeks ago
Lurkers beware! This man is using his wily wiles to coerce you into the open! (Joking, it's cool to see this many people)
coleypoley · 3 weeks ago
properchaos · 3 weeks ago
Beep, beep, Richie!!!
turn_down_for_now · 3 weeks ago
spookykink58 · 3 weeks ago
It's a me! A Mario!
izzyclare · 2 weeks ago
Greetings fellow humans
condor1990 · 2 weeks ago
Semi-luker here
that_creepy_guy · 1 week ago
Been mostly lurking on this site for years now >:D
xvarnah · 1 week ago
Username checks out
aviva · 1 week ago
Yay, we are more than I thought :)