I'm 18 now. That be all
by mrfahrenheit · 16 comments 2 weeks ago
dr_richard_ew · 2 weeks ago
cryoenthusiast · 2 weeks ago
jokur_and_batmon · 2 weeks ago
Welcome to the club
karlboll · 2 weeks ago
mialinay · 2 weeks ago
Ohh happy birthday @flyingoctopus!
Ha sorry had to pull that one. Happy birthday to both of you :)
Can you legally do anything more than before now?
rosalinas · 2 weeks ago
Finally legal
To vote!
And go to jail
catfluff · 2 weeks ago
igot3bodyproblems · 2 weeks ago
scatmandingo · 2 weeks ago
Now if you look at a 17yo you are a sicko.
222daisy · 2 weeks ago
Happy birthday! :)
mrfahrenheit · 2 weeks ago
I can drink
flyingoctopus · 2 weeks ago
@scatmandingo Actually the legal age is 16 here.
scatmandingo · 2 weeks ago
Good news! Leer away!
parisqeen · 2 weeks ago
Happy Birthday!!!!!! Hope it's a lovely one, enjoy any new found freedoms they let you have at that age.
flyingoctopus · 2 weeks ago
Well I can drink smoke and vote so imma get really smashed and vote for the green party lmao.
aviva · 1 week ago
Happy Belated Birthday!!