cryoenthusiast · 2 weeks ago
I joined but there wasn't anyone on at the time so i stopped playing
zont · 1 week ago
After killing the Enderdragon and getting overpowered items, i kinda lost interest.
I may come back soon, just to create & kill a Wither tho.
creativedragonbaby · 1 week ago
I lost interest because 1. The world was reset almost every week
2. Whenever we started someone’s had always beaten the Ender dragon before me, despite me being the most active person on the server
3. I put a lot of effort into the world just to have it reset without me knowing. So yeah.
creativedragonbaby · 1 week ago
sirviantis · 1 week ago
I've had my base for quite a while, and I've never noticed any servers being reset.
Also, how are you all so good at minecraft, I barely had a villager farm working.
creativedragonbaby · 1 week ago
I’m a veteran.
Also this was right when the server started
mrfahrenheit · 1 week ago
This was in the first month/2 months of the server being up, back when @flyingoctopus was the admin of it.
zont · 1 week ago
Wait, who was hacking?
Also, it was reset? Aww damn.
timebender25 · 1 week ago
Minecraft Speedrun.
Also I forgot the IP. I might actually be able to join now.
that_creepy_guy · 1 week ago
Was a new minecraft server made? Cause i'm interested
cryoenthusiast · 1 week ago
The server address i have is is it the ones you guys have?
that_creepy_guy · 1 week ago
Oh that's My server, i'm suprised it's still up. It kept getting a critical error and I couldn't figure out what was causing it, and the fact nobody was really playing on it I decided to abandon it
that_creepy_guy · 1 week ago
Though I have been debating a modded survival of sorts, not sure how popular that would be though