by jingle · 20 comments 5 days ago
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jingle · 1 week ago
I'm not new here, but I've always just looked at memes and commented once in a while. Seems like there are some cool people here and figured I'd make myself known. So, hi!
mrfahrenheit · 1 week ago
catfluff · 1 week ago
parisqeen · 1 week ago
Hello! how are you?
cakelover · 1 week ago
Hello there
mikriarktos · 1 week ago
condor1990 · 1 week ago
hyperion · 1 week ago
Welcome as always
dr_richard_ew · 1 week ago
Hello hello!
jingle · 1 week ago
Hope everyone's doing good, especially in these rough times
llamas0can0fly · 1 week ago
SuperDave · 1 week ago
Hello @jingle
catfluff · 1 week ago
Thank you @jingle, and foe you as well. How's things looking on your side of the world?
catfluff · 1 week ago
jingle · 1 week ago
Alright for now. State's in emergency mode, and I'm kinda just chillin' at home, playing games and being sad.
kcat · 6 days ago
Aww here’s to hoping you’ll be playing games while being happy soon
captainjackharknes · 6 days ago
Would you like an egg in these trying times?
jingle · 6 days ago
An egg?
cakelover · 6 days ago
I believe it's a reference to Always Sunny in Philadelphia
jingle · 5 days ago
Oh, never heard of it