First day being a CoViD nurse!
by who_cares · 7 comments 6 days ago
who_cares · 1 week ago
So, I happened to volunteer to be on the CoViD team at my hospital and today was the first day of my training. The hazmat suit is very uncomfortable but I will get used to it. The training is for 10 days and we have to stay at a makeshift quarantine hostel. Phones and laptops will be away due to chances of virus living on the screen so I will be off Fs for some time. After the 10 days training, my batch of medics will be sent to care.
I just want to say that stay home and stay safe. I believe that when I come back, you will greet me with warm virtual hugs.
parisqeen · 1 week ago
We will miss you but good luck! Thank you for taking care of the masses <3
karlboll · 1 week ago
Because that's what heroes do!
SuperDave · 1 week ago
Stay safe @who_cares and thank you for helping others. We will be here ready to care for you.
hyperion · 1 week ago
Congrats. Big support from Texas
dr_richard_ew · 1 week ago
Good luck girl! Get everyone super healthy!
kcat · 6 days ago
Good luck! That’s amazing and we are so proud of you <3 and we’ll miss you till you’re back