mrscollector · 1 week ago
She was so embarrassed and scared she just stormed out and went to the office. She cried to the vise Principal. Who called me. We went and got her and as we get to leave my kid tells us that it was the teacher who caused it all. So We turned around and I stormed in there with a capital K for Karen because that was the straw the broke the camels back. I demanded she be fired I told them what happen and my kid said it was true and the vise principal asked why didn’t you say it was your teacher who caused it and my kid said because I am scared of what she do to me. We wrote a statement and my kid was removed from her class that day.
I told them I know people in the main district office (which I do due to being a sub) and I expect this to be taken care of. We stormed out and I just got a letter in my email stating that she was “let go” due to “her discretions”. So ding dong the witch is dead.
Sorry if this wasn’t your cup of tea I am just so fucking happy.
themommy1 · 1 week ago
Thumbs up!
lnorthstar · 1 week ago
Some people should not ever be in a possition of authority around children. Good for you for calling out the bullshit, and hopefully they'll get someone better in there!
chocolatefeces · 1 week ago
I feel like people like this never had a nice teacher in their whole school career. I was lucky enough to have lots of really cool teachers. And I always thought if I was ever a teacher, I'd be like Mr Jarrett, or Mr Sauve, or Mr T. What would cause an adult to deliberately humiliate a kid for no reason?
funkmasterrex · 1 week ago
That teacher can go royally fuck themselves. Disneyland probably wasn't the greatest of ideas, but that teacher crossed the fuckin' line the moment the issue was brought upon your child. If there was any concern, they should have talked to you. Not only did you spare your kid and the rest of the class, but future students that might have suffered under that reign of terror. Good job. <3
xvarnah · 1 week ago
You know, this is the wrong part to focus on, but it occurs to me all this time I thought you were white. Which isn't true for everyone, and doesn't impact anything, it just wasn't until this post that I realized you'll might not be.
Either way, I understand her concern, but the teacher had no business to handle it as she did, and especially if you guys had already isolated
scatmandingo · 1 week ago
I’m curious as to what about this story made you think of race.
xvarnah · 1 week ago
"She is racist and cussed out my kids"
scatmandingo · 1 week ago
I somehow missed that sentence. Makes more sense now.
parisqeen · 1 week ago
As little as the teachers actions may seem to some I think you did the right thing, as soon as people like that with a position of power (especially over children) start to exploit it and use it for ridicule it tends to escalate. You never know, she might have started insulting, then maybe physically abusing and so on. I've had teachers at my past schools do the same, they like to single out specific students and make their lives difficult which is just so wrong on so many levels. So I'm glad you got rid of her.
mrscollector · 1 week ago
Sorry I am white lmfao when I called her racist it is because she is racist to the other kids in class. She is Asian and tells my kid who is white and other white kids they are white trash. She told an African American boy “No body asked your dumb black ass anything!”
She told a Hispanic girl before parent teacher meeting you need to be there to speak for your parents because I don’t speak Mexican. The girl said my parents speak English. The teacher said well I guess it is easier to seem like you belong if you learn some english.
In other words she was calling them illegal immigrants.
The woman was a piece of shit.
mrscollector · 1 week ago
This is also the bitch who tried to say my kid needs mental help because she is to clingy to her teachers. We took her to meet a physicists and she gave just one meeting with her and said my kid doesn’t have a need to be clingy like she said. What it was is we always told our kid be kind and helpful to all adults especially those at school from janitor to principal. And that bitch just hates old how my kid tried her hardest to be kind.
mrscollector · 1 week ago
In my past I had those outstanding one of a kind teachers that just make you wish you could fail on purpose so you can have them as your teacher longer.
And I had those that you knew that on a personal level they hated you.
But none and I mean NONE ever came close to this woman.
mrscollector · 1 week ago
Btw please excuse miss wording and/or spelling this new phone hates me and I’m dyslexic lol
funkmasterrex · 1 week ago
You're good >_>d